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SER888 is a professional DJ with many years of experience and any kinds of playlists, for every type of event, gained through private parties, public places (Bars, Clubs, Pubs, Restaurants) and outdoor performances!
It offers music and entertainment for private parties like Eighteenth, Birthdays, Weddings, Graduation Parties, Congresses and various events.

The SER888 staff, highly professional and qualified, from the first contact will be at your disposal to offer you the services that best suit for your requests and the needs of your guests. They will take care of entertainment for young and old, various entertainment involving all the guests.

Live Music, Animation and Piano Bar, Group Dance, 70s and 80s, Music for Theme Parties.
KARAOKE, Music Animation for Weddings, 18 Years, Anniversaries, Corporate Events and Private Parties!

Alexander Lavrinov is a professional in the field of music. Brilliant "dragger" in private parties, theme nights, weddings, squares and other events. He has extensive work experience in theaters, hotels and on ships in various countries of the world. For the last 20 years he is known as "alexonemanshow". His repertoire covers the period from the twenties to the present day. This is jazz and evergreen, rock and pop, folk and dance music. And also, in his spare time, he writes his music, which was recorded and printed in Rome.

The night before the wedding there is the custom for the groom to arrange a serenade under the window of his bride. Often family and friends are informed of the serenade to come, but have to keep the secret with the bride. The groom meets up with musicians under the balcony or window of the bride and starts sining along with them to wake the bride up. The serenade is considered to be a very festive moment, prior to the important day of the wedding in which both families reunite and celebrate with a rich buffet and music.

animazione per feste di compleanno 18 an
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